Random ramble on stolen time

I told myself I’d be a regular blogger again. It didn’t last long.

Mind you, it was probably daft to have a goal like that when your wife was soon to have a baby boy. Well, he’s now nearly 5 months old. It’s been great so far, but not so great for blogging. It’s difficult enough just to fit in paid work around looking after the little chap.

Anyway, you have to restart somewhere. So I’m starting here. Bit random, but hey. It’s amazing sometimes how trying to do something seemingly simple can just evolve into a massive time thief.

A few months back I signed up for Office 365 (for mac). I’d prefer not to and had got away with it for months, due to not working directly with any publishers, who still insist on MS Office. Mistakenly I signed up for the ‘Home’ version (which allows for multiple installations on multiple devices) rather than ‘Personal’ – just one device. I don’t need this stuff on any more than one device, so Home was just wrong. Not sure how I managed to choose the wrong one. I can’t remember. However, now I’m changing to Personal. All I want to do is change the subscription. Simple?

Nothing is ever simple. Time thieves in the house.

To change subscription, it appears I need the product code. Have I got it? HA! Don’t be daft.

It should be in an email somewhere. No? Must have deleted it.

How do you find a product code when you don’t have a box, card, disc, any physical entity and you’ve lost the email, receipt, invoice or whatever? Well, I discovered (answers are but a Google away – other browsers are available) that you can download some software called Magic Jelly Bean, or Mac Product Key Finder. Of course, I have to go into System Settings to allow this unrecognised software to be installed.

And then, it doesn’t work. There is no product code showing for Office 365.


Did I not need a code when I downloaded it? Can’t remember. And normally I wouldn’t delete an email with this sort of information in.

Go to Microsoft account. Search around again. No joy.

Perhaps as I purchased a subscription, there was no product key? Who knows? The information seems unclear in the support discussions.

I try a chat. It was helpful. Was it a real person? Who knows? I assumed it was, but then looking back, it sort of ignored a couple of my points and ploughed on with its chosen solution. Perhaps it was a chat bot. Do I care? No. As long as the advice works.

Advice is to cancel the Home subscription and then start Personal when the monthly payment date comes around. Sounds easy, but I doubt it will be.

Fingers crossed.

Well, I got that off my chest. Good job I’m not busy this morning.

At times like these I’d like a PA to be able to get on with this nonsense. How long before AI can deal with it? “Siri / Alexa / Assistant … find out how I can change Office 365 from Home to Personal and report back”. Many people seem fearful of talking to AI software to get stuff done. I can’t bloody wait.


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